Linen apron w/Buttons

Color: White

Strap on your bib apron and you are ready for all kinds of dirty activities. A cute and minimalist linen apron is all that you need. A Strap-on apron features stylish big buttons and a waist tie closure. Made as a long, full-length apron, will cover and protect from chest to knee provides great coverage and protection from grease, spills, and stains. It is sold as one-size fits most, as you can literally adjust t and wear however is more comfortable for you

• Linen apron
• Unisex design
• One size fits all (XS to XL)
• Waist tie back closure
• Button closure straps
• Beautiful color options to choose from
• Features a twin-sectioned front pocket
• Made from 100% European flax
• Premium quality linen material
• Stone washed for maximum softness
• Certified fabric (no harmful chemicals used in production)

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