How to have a more elegant look in your home on a budget - sheer linen curtains & 5 other items

How to have a more elegant look in your home on a budget - sheer linen curtains & 5 other items

Interior trends and tendencies change. However, some things are always in style or remain a respectable choice. In this article, we will explain which interior decisions are safe, easy to make and affordable. So, without any further ado, let's begin!

Sheer linen curtains - a timeless classic

With white sheer linen curtains, you have a chance to alter the look of your home. The white color will give an extra touch of elegance and freshness, so people would see something elegant when they walk through your doors. Most popular options are with simple colours, such as white linen curtains, green linen curtains, blue linen curtains and so on.

Linen is a fiber which has been popular for centuries in both clothing and household items such as sheets and, of course, curtains.

Shabby-chic decorating style has been popular for quite some time now and white sheer linen curtains perfectly mesh with this type of design. You can find white sheers that are made from linen or ones that have a combination of organic materials such as cotton, hemp, flax, and even bamboo. Tie top linen curtains also remain in style for what seems like forever, now.

Linen white sheer curtains are available in a wide range of designs, but the most popular ones are those with no design or minimalistic texturing. Pro tip: You can also use this white linen curtain as a double-layered room divider, to create an elegant Japanese inspired look.

Plants - what almost every room needs

Plants and greenery contribute a lot to the elegant yet simple look of your home.  They give your home a fresh and rejuvenating feel, which automatically brightens up the mood of those who visit your home.

Grass makes an excellent choice as it fits well with any style of interior design, be it modern European or traditional Asian, etc. Pretty much every interior you can find on a catalog or a magazine which is dedicated to highlighting amazing interiors, there are plants and greenery in it.

Plants are available in abundance on the internet, so you have no reason to limit yourself. You can easily find what you want on any number of websites that specialize in providing indoor/outdoor plants, or just the seeds for them.  Plant them directly into small pots, which you can then place onto platforms made out of wooden cubes. There are so many options out there that you can go out and really experiment.

Artwork - not necessarily expensive, but super impactful

Pick artwork that actually adds to the look and feel of your home and your personality. It shouldn't be some abstract piece that no one knows the meaning of or understands.

If you do want to go with something like that, make sure it's at least similar in color scheme to the rest of your home (and as mentioned, is within your budget). You can get replicas or prints instead of real artwork which can be quite costly.

Speaking of which, don't be afraid to look at thrift stores or secondhand shops for already framed artwork that fits into your decor perfectly. This is a great way to avoid overspending.

Elegent room interior with large mirror and bench

Flowers - a great touch, if handled in the right way

Plants and greenery aren't the same as flowers. As a matter of fact, flowers are very powerful items for decoration and can become overwhelming, if not placed and/or designed correctly.

You can notice that when it comes to bedecking a room with flowers, they can quickly become too much. If they're not properly spaced out within the room so that every corner has some attention from them, then you aren't utilizing the potential that the flowers offer.

Focal Points - what you may not know, but every room needs

Curiosity is important to design with, but you need to know where to place your focal points. Each room needs at least two focal points, which are usually one color scheme piece layered with a little bit of another color scheme piece or object. It's these mysterious combinations that give an interior some visual interest, some tension between opposites

People are used to walking into a room and having somewhere they want to look and see first. You can call this place your 'focal point', or where most of the attention is drawn to.


Having a mirror in every room is typically the best way to bring more light, space and depth into any area of the house. Mirrors are usually there not solely for aesthetic purposes. They can be used for real and are a practical item which helps you look after yourself and take care of grooming, care, etc.

Try picking up something traditional with old-fashioned details like circles, scalloping, ornate borders, and/or a gold leaf. This way you will create a luxurious feel in the room without having to spend much at all.


If your budget is extremely low, or if it feels like you don't have enough money for anything nice, then try making some of your own décor instead of buying new pieces. There are many items and things that you can use and re-use to spice things up on a budget. You can find resources to help you that are actually free, use things you already have in your home, or get creative and sew your own. This way you will feel like you're getting away with something and will be happy about what you've done. But if you really want to find something: regular sheer linen curtains or linen tie top curtains, mirrors, plants & greenery, artwork, flowers and anything that's a focal point should help you out!

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