Hi there!

My name is Lucas. Back in 2019, an idea about home linens was born next to a cup of coffee at local coffee shop. Over the years, it has growth into a small business, which is now producing linen home textiles for clients all over the world. At AmourLinen, I believe that home linen should be practical, as well as beautiful. I invite you to celebrate the effortless look, surround yourself with elegance and fall in love with linen through rich color palette and exclusive design details.

Our Design Ethos

We are meticulous about details and colors

In Vilnius, Lithuania, each AmourLinen product is carefully developed and handcrafted. We believe it is the little details that matter in life, so in the form of ruffles, coconut buttons and more, we have added magical touches to our items.

We care about your vision

We acknowledge that each home is special and is very personal to each of you. We are proud of versatile customization, so if you have anything in mind, why don't you contact us? We're going to help bring your vision to life.

We care about the planet and you

Textile production can be a complex process involving different procedures and chemicals that can be harmful to you and the earth. It is at the top of our list to ensure that we do no harm to any of them, which is why we chose to be fully open and invest in third-party research. All of our products are Oeko-Tex approved, meaning that hazardous substances are totally absent.


Wholesale customers - we would love to talk to you too!