Waffle towels and other useful household items made from linen

Waffle towels and other useful household items made from linen

Linen is a material that’s held in high regard all over the world. Whilst in some cultures and regions it’s more abundant, pretty much everyone is aware of the fact that linen is one of the top choices of natural fibers around. In this article we’d like to focus on waffle towels and a lot of other common household applications of linen, emphasizing and highlighting the most common items made from linen. This information should help out anyone who is trying to find better alternatives to synthetic materials and to improve their living. So, here is the introduction to linen items!

Waffle towels – for better drying

You might be wondering how are linen waffle towels different from regular towels, right? Well the word ‘Waffle’ just refers to the texture of the towel which, in this case, is reminiscent of a waffle and has many square shapes inside.

This waffle or honeycomb pattern is very efficient in terms of moisture absorption and wicking as they have a larger surface area and thus, can take in more water and/or other liquid. Such towels are also lightweight and breathable, a trait common to all linen fabrics and waffle towels, in general. You can use waffle towels as your own choice for bath towel or have some in storage for guests too. Overall, any linen waffle texture bath towel is a great choice for both personal or guest use!

Bed sheets

In the past, especially in the Renaissance and the Medieval times, European royals often slept on silk and linen sheets. Both of them were considered the epidemy of luxury. Whilst silk sheets are super expensive and harder to find nowadays, linen bed sheets, duvets, pillow coverings and other related items are much more affordable. If you find high-quality linen bed sheets, never hesitate to consider purchasing them because they will offer the best, most amazing experience for anyone who sleeps on or in a bed, covered with linen sheets.

Even though at first some linen sheets may feel like a choice for an acquired taste due to a specific texture, over time and over washes, it does get softer. Nevertheless, most handmade linen is slightly softened during manufacturing to make it more supple and much more pleasurable to cover yourself with or lay on top of.

Even more so, linen sheets do possess a timeless appeal which helps when you’re trying to find aesthetically pleasing and elegant décor choice for your bedroom. Finally, you can count on linen to be your No. 1 option for bedding during the hot season. If you’re often finding yourself waking up in the middle of the night or often feeling too hot under the sheets, you need to switch to linen ASAP. It has great wicking properties, so it won’t stay moist for long and will always feel cool and great. Furthermore, it’s breathable, hence you don’t need to worry about sleepless nights when it’s just too hot and you don’t know what to do.

Kitchen towels

Once again, linen comes in clutch to help out with many different needs in the kitchen. Overall, linen kitchen towels possess all of the qualities, needed for cooking, cleaning and other chore-related activities.

They look elegant and have a rustic, authentic feel that for a lot of us, remind our grandparents or a visit to nature. It just looks and feels pure. So, strictly from a decorative standpoint, linen has an edge over most other materials, especially synthetics that we use in the kitchen.

Furthermore, we have to mention the absorption properties once again. Compared to economic blends of synthetics, linen can absorb 50-150% more moisture in the same space, meaning that your cleaning and maintaining will be that much easier with kitchen towels made from linen.

Along with that better absorption, you can also benefit from the better breathability, when compared to regular synthetics. Linen towels in your kitchen, even when fully wet, should dry up faster. On a side note, along with regular kitchen towels, we should also mention linen tea towels which are a great decorative option with amazing functional properties.

Kitchen aprons

When you’re cooking or just preparing to make magic happen in the kitchen, things can and often do get messy. In this case you need something to protect your clothing from hard-to-clean or uncleanable stains. Once again, we’d like to recommend kitchen aprons made from none other than linen.

It should be both functional and very nice to look at. If you can add in pockets or other practical elements to benefit the minimalistic and natural design, you can end up with a great gift for anyone who likes to make food or spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Most linen aprons are single-color, meaning that they’re also unisex.

Curtains and drapes

If you want to make your interior more elegant without going overboard with spending, you can add in a few items, switch a few things up to get amazing results. One of these items is any monochromatic linen curtain. Having a great minimalistic aesthetic and a timeless elegance to it, linen in home décor is great for both retro-inspired, loft, modernist or most rustic interiors.

These curtains possess a very naturalesque look and blend in well with other colors or textures which are present throughout the interior. They are quite affordable (even if you consider high quality linen) and long-lasting, thus, offering amazing value for money. When picking out linen curtains, make sure to check out the product description to be fully sure of what quality and what exact type is the linen which you’re considering.

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