How to pick out the best waffle towels and other linen products online?

How to pick out the best waffle towels and other linen products online?

In this article, we're going to focus on linen products like waffle towels. Many customers are at least somewhat interested in linen as it is one of the best-known and most respected fabrics for household items. However, not much is known about what to look for in linen goods. So, let us discuss linen kitchen towels, curtains, aprons, bed sheets, and other items made from flax, to see how you can separate really great products from just those that are 'Meh'.

What to look for in linen items?

Not all linen products are created equal. Each item is designed and created in a specific way, with the aim to meet certain needs.

Since waffle towels, linen tea towels, and other linen products are basically all made from the same type of fabric (flax), it's important that you keep in mind their structural and factual differences. For example, waffle towels are thicker than plain linen ones, meaning they're better for drying you off at the beach or after a shower. The waffle texture is actually what makes them really absorbent.  On the other hand, thinner linen tea towels are much easier to clean, thus they're better for drying dishes.

The best quality linen goods are made from pure flax, with absolutely no chemical additions. Linen fabric is composed of lignin and cellulose, which both come from the fabric's plant base. Lignin binds together two fibers of pulp derived from wood, to make a thicker fiber called 'linen'. In addition to this, you will find flax filaments referred to as 'flaxen'.

If your item is described as being made out of 100 percent linen, it means that the fabric contains only two types of fibers. However, if the piece has been labeled 'linen-cotton blend', it's composed of both cotton and linen fibers; the cotton fibers make the fabric a bit easier to clean and also provide an element of softness.

For those who want really high-quality linen items, it's important to pay attention to how they're made. The best linen waffle bath towels, for example, are crafted from pure flax by hand or just without any additives.

What household items are best made from linen?

Linen is often the best choice for household items, especially because of its durability and amazing cleaning results. Let's take a look at different linen products that are currently trending in households worldwide.

Linen towels: Linen towels are extremely soft and absorbent, making them perfect for drying dishes, but also simply wiping your hands after washing them. They're simply the best option for drying all sorts of glassware and flatware. Linen dish towels are also usually really easy to hang around your sink because of their square shape.

Linen curtains: Curtains made from 100 percent linen can be used in any room of almost any interior style. They prevent anyone's eyesight from passing through, hence - privacy, but they also ensure proper ventilation by allowing fresh air to come in and out of the space. Linen curtains can be left hanging all year round or dressed up for special occasions and holidays (think Christmas and Easter).

Neatly folded bed sheets

Linen bed sheets: If you're looking for something worthy of sweet dreams, we recommend investing in high-quality linen bed sheets. They're breathable, so you won't wake up sweating in the middle of the night. Flax fabric actually wicks away moisture and keeps your body cool even if it's sweltering outside. These sheets, we should mention, can be used regardless of the season. If it's the hottest summer in history, your linen bed sheets will keep you cool at night with their natural wicking power. But when winter comes and it's freezing out, you can simply add a thick down duvet between the two flat sheets to ensure that you stay warm throughout the night, but have the wiggle room to cool yourself down, if need may be.

Linen pillowcases: Trust us, most people would or already do love sleeping on a pillowcase that's made out of 100 percent pure linen? Flax fabrics are known for providing optimal airflow, so you'll never wake up in the middle of the night to flop your sweaty head because of an unventilated pillow.

Waffle towels and other great gifts from linen

If you're struggling to find a gift for someone that you like and/or love, you can definitely take a look around for linen products. They're high-quality items with practicality in mind. In short - it can be a perfect gift to anyone, regardless of gender, age, hobbies, etc. Here are some items that you can consider a good choice for a gift.

Linen waffle towels: For those who've never tried a linen towel, we recommend trying out a waffle texture. Waffle towels can be made from 100 percent pure flax and come in many different colors and patterns. They're more absorbent than the average cotton or microfiber towel, so they're valued highly.

Linen napkins: These napkins can be used in any area of your house. For example, use them as coasters, chair covers during dinner parties or to cover your lap while you're enjoying fondue or a chocolate dessert, etc. The possibilities are endless, and napkins can be a great housewarming gift.

Linen tablecloths: Speaking about food - linen is perfect for a tablecloth because of its durability and easy to clean properties. Keep in mind that it's also water-resistant, but can be washed on a high-temperature cycle without shrinking or losing quality. A tablecloth can be an almost perfect gift if the person in mind is keen on hosting.

Linen duvet cover: Linen bedding is the ultimate choice for those who want to sleep on natural fabric straight from flax. High-quality duvets with a high thread count (and made with 100 percent linen fabric) tend to last for years and can be your bed-mate for almost half a decade. If you're looking for long-term investments, we recommend checking out them at Amour Linen.

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