How to style sheer linen curtains in your home?

How to style sheer linen curtains in your home?

Sheer linen curtains are versatile window treatments that can help you easily change the look of your room or add to the whole vibe. They are made from a natural material, which means they do not require any artificial treatment or chemical dyes to retain their sheer character. Natural sheer linen curtains go well with nearly all styles and colors, so they can almost always be used with any of your existing furniture and decorations. You don't even have to change the layout if you switch to sheer linen curtains from other treatments, because sheer linen curtains will not block light and remain slightly shine-through. So, what about styling them in your home?

Sheer linen curtains - pros and best features

Arguably the largest pro of sheer linen curtains is their versatility. They can and may be used with nearly any color of the furniture, wall paint, or rug. They don't require many accessories to look great if they are sheer enough. Hence, anyone can easily use sheer white linen curtains or the same window treatments in a different color in bedrooms or living rooms without making many updates to have a great look.

Because sheer linen curtains do not block the light completely but still give some privacy, they can be perfect for the bedroom. Those of you living in a hot climate can put up sheer linen curtains and enjoy fresh air anytime during the day or night. One of the best features of such window treatments is their breathable nature - they do not contribute to the gathering of humidity on warm summer days and let your skin breathe. All things considered - sheer linen curtains are great to look at and to live with.

Linen curtains in your home - styling tips based on color

Let's start off with the living room. That is the part of your house where you can invite your guests, show off, host, and entertain them in the best way possible. We already know that sheers are often used in bedrooms, they can also become a perfect addition to any living room. Here's a specific example. The color green makes people feel better about themselves - green decor has this soothing effect. It is considered to be relaxing. So, if you put up green linen curtains, they can contribute to feeling cozy and relaxed when spending time in your living room.

Furthermore, green paired with blue is the classic color combination of sea and sky. It makes people feel free and light.

When green goes with blue, green is the base color while blue is used for drawing attention - green works as an on-screen container that softly embraces the blue decor items, such as blue linen curtains.

Use green linen curtains to make your living room more elegant and stylish. Pair them with other green decor elements you have in order to achieve the color harmony you need. Green linen curtains are the right choice if your home interior is full of green tones, especially if all these elements are somehow asymmetrical. But green curtains look great with classic decor pieces as well.

Upward view of a linen curtain

For the bedroom, we suggest embracing white linen curtains or a more neutral and complementary look. Don't add too much contrast as it will distract you and disrupt rest. Also, avoid energizing colors, such as bold red (a.k.a rouge), orange, etc.

Tie top linen curtains - a practical choice for all interiors

Linen tie-top curtains are the most practical choice, especially if you are going for the relaxed look. They allow the light and air in and create a somewhat romantic or relaxing ambiance with their soft and natural texture.

Just as well, these curtains can also be used for decorating your kitchen and dining room. And as we already established, they make a nice addition to cozy living rooms or bedrooms. In fact, any room can benefit from a touch of sheer linen curtains!

If you're looking for an airy feel in your interior, it can't get too much better than with this. Tie-top curtain panels are versatile as well as practical. This means you can style them by yourself without too much hassle. On top of that, they are not expensive and you can use these instead of overpriced drapes if you want to save some money on your decor.

What type of sheer linen curtains should I look for?

This is a very good question that you and/or everyone who is looking into interior decor, should be asking themselves.

First of all, consider the overall atmosphere of the room (that you already have or want to have). Evaluate the color blend, whether the colors are going to blend together by complimenting each other or contrasting in a very elegant way. This is extremely important, you need to always imagine how the colors are going to work together as it's a huge key to having a pleasing vibe in any room.

Also, consider the size of your windows and the window frame. Are they tall? Are they wide? Are they, perhaps, narrow or broad? Or maybe even square-shaped? These things will determine if you should buy a long window dressing, a short one or have something custom-made.

If you're unsure of how to choose the width, consider the curtains' role in the room; are they mainly for decoration? Or do you need them to cover up all your windows and for functionality? Keep in mind whether to buy two separate panels instead of one wide curtain that covers the whole window.

Price is important too. But you shouldn't be looking for the cheapest possible option. You should always look for the best quality to price ratio. Sometimes an expensive curtain can be a better deal than two or three cheap ones because they will last longer and won't fall apart with the slightest pull.

Another important feature is the amount of light that your curtains let in. If you like having lots of sunshine in your home then go with sheer linen curtains; however, if you want total privacy and calmness during sleep - look at other options or add in blinds!

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