Sage Green bedding and 5 other great styling choices for your bedroom

Sage Green bedding and 5 other great styling choices for your bedroom

Our bedroom should reflect our character as much as possible. If we want to be able to comfortably rest in a room, it mustn't be distracting or out of sync with us. This is why you should invest time and money into the refinement if your bedroom interior in order to make it your safe place for rest and relaxation. To help you out, we've included 6 unique tips and styling choices for your bedroom to make it better. From sage green bedding, all the way to decorative accents, let's look at how to style your bedroom!

1. Sage Green Bedding

Sage green bedding is not common in many homes, but it's easy to see why. This color doesn't scream for attention nor does it require much work to progress with other bedroom designs because its understated nature makes it a safe choice for both contemporary or retro-inspired interiors. Mixing the sage green bedding with white or light grey walls works almost effortlessly, but the color can also stand out on its own.

With modern interior decor trends highlighting sage green as one of the colors for this year and the future, right now seems to be the best time to get yourself a sage green duvet, sage green linen bedding or any decorative element in this color for yourself or as a gift to make designs really stand out.

2. Light blue and white combo - for a linen coverlet or almost anything else

The good old white coverlet infused with blue is yet another timeless design choice that never should be underestimated. This idea usually works best with bedding but is actually compatible with all sorts of designs. Most often you can notice light blue and white combos next to rustic wood furniture around the walls, complemented by pastel green accents, infusing a sense of color in your bedroom décor.

You want your bedroom to have less extravagant properties and to be more soothing, understated more so than very expressive. Light blue and white are the pinnacle of understated and soothing, making a great choice for any traditional-inspired decor.

3. The master bedroom with French accents

When it comes to French style, you will need to know that there are many sub-styles like the Parisian, Provence, Riviera, etc.. Each has its own specific tone and feel which can be translated into your bedroom through various design choices. Today we want to focus on the most traditional one – the chic Parisian décor!

The most popular elements in this particular style are silk and linen. The color palette is usually neutral, but it can take on shades of pastel green or deep red as well. Furniture pieces with Toile de Jouy sheets and other accents are everywhere - even on the walls which are usually adorned with gilded French accents such as leaves and gold-plated details. This type of décor takes a lot of time and effort to properly pull off, but it's worth it – especially if you intend to sell your bedroom for a better price later on!

You definitely can't find many well-done Parisian bedroom interiors and thus, a specific customer won't be afraid to pay extra for that vibe.

4. A lush, romantic canopy bed in ivory and cream set against chocolate brown walls

Chocolate brown is a stunning color that comes into mind when admiring autumn leaves, not just delicious sweet treats. It's deep, warm, and luxurious which makes it an excellent choice for interior design. In the bedroom, you can use this color for accent walls or even the whole room if you prefer a monochrome look.

The other main focus should come from your furniture, but not necessarily the bedding. A canopy bed with plush fabrics and velvet is especially romantic which means your room will instantly transform itself into a luxurious retreat for two!

This is a great aesthetic for those that want to turn their properties into AirBnB rentals or just put them on the market. Yet one more similar color that's turning heads right now is terracotta. For example, choosing terracotta pillowcases or a terracotta linen flat sheet will definitely provide a charismatic appeal to your home.

5. A set of bright, yellow lemon accents

In the past, yellow wasn't considered a tasteful choice to bring into bedrooms because it could make you feel overwhelmed. But that was mostly due to the fact that decorators went overboard with making everything yellow, turning the bedroom into a kitschy space.

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