Sheer linen curtains and 7 other affordable upgrades to your apartment

Sheer linen curtains and 7 other affordable upgrades to your apartment

We want our apartment to reflect our own personalities and our own lifestyles. Hence, most of us are continuously looking for upgrades, new additions that could make the places we live in, more comfortable and cozy without breaking the bank. This is exactly what this article will be dedicated to. We'll list some of the more popular and fan-favorite choices for affordable upgrades to your home, including sheer linen curtains and more. So, without further ado, let's begin!

Artworks painted by you or lesser-known artists

Wall paintings and prints usually cost a lot. So they're a big no-no for this guide. Don't lose hope, however, as there are plenty of options to add great art to your apartment without spending too much. The way to do that? Paint it yourself or purchase artwork from lesser-known or up-and-coming artists.

Instead of having to go through a number of high street galleries selling wall art in order to find the right painting that would match your taste and preferences, look at social media or browse the internet. You can also choose to get a print instead of a real painting, but even though it should cost a fraction of the price, it wouldn't necessarily carry over the same spirit and essence that a painting has. The latter qualities are what this upgrade brings in - spirit, essence and harmony.

Who knows? Maybe the artist that you've chosen will become the modern-day Picasso or Pollock and you can brag to everyone that you have his/hers early work.

If you decide to paint it yourself, get some inspiration off of Pinterest or just improvise from start to finish.

Sheer linen curtains

Why exactly sheer linen curtains? The obvious answer would be that they're easy to take care of, but that's not the only reason why we include them. If you want to get a simple and cheap upgrade for your apartment, then simply getting sheer white linen curtains can do wonders for any room.

They don't cost too much but bring in loads of character into any room. Besides, their one-way transparency won't diminish how much light enters the room while simultaneously maintaining decent privacy. Colorful green linen curtains or similarly joyful blue linen curtains instantly add character to a living room, bedroom, etc.

Sheer linen curtains blend in well with both rustic or contemporary interiors in cosy, smaller apartments or larger, open-plan lofts. Tie top linen curtains are just one of the available variants, so you can browse our catalog to find not just linen tie top curtains but traditional variants or something entirely unique.

A small orange or citrus tree

This is a truly affordable upgrade to any room in your apartment. And we should capitalize the word Upgrade because it is a noticeable and worthwhile one.

Most people don't realize how easy it is to keep citrus trees green and happy, and if you invest in something like this you can add both fresh oranges (or other citrus fruits) and greenery to your home decor once they appear. A small tree for the living room will make your place look more alive and personal.

A hanging chair hammock swing

Comfort and unique aesthetics rarely blend together as well as they do with a hanging hammock swing chair. It can be suspended from just about any rafter or ceiling beam because it only requires a few feet of clearance on either side. So, you don't need as big of an apartment as you might think, to accommodate a hanging chair.

It's easy to keep clean with regular vacuuming, and you can put just about anything underneath it as long as the seat is at least 10 inches off the floor. You'll never need an expensive seating arrangement upgrade if your apartment has enough room for this one.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is a great option not just for owners but also for renters because it doesn't require any permanent installation. With that being said, smart lighting can be adjusted to suit your needs at any given time.

This type of light shines directly where you need it most, and can even help make your apartment appear larger than it actually is. The budget needed isn't all that big, since smart lights cost around $20-40 per unit, but you don't need them in every single room or space.

A murphy bed for space-saving

Murphy beds are installed in closets or wall panels to save space. This is a great choice in smaller one or two-bedroom apartments where having more floor space is crucial. You'll feel like you're getting more out of your apartment than you actually are.

It doesn't matter if you're living in a studio, bachelor apartment, one-bedroom, or something larger, you can usually find some or many benefits for a murphy bed. Even if you don't have an area that would work well with this type of bed physically, there are kits that will allow you to turn any wall into the place where your bed pops up from.

A new shaggy carpet

A shaggy carpet has the tendency to make any room feel more luxurious. It's also not that hard to clean and maintain, which is one of the biggest benefits of carpeting in smaller spaces. If you don't want to splurge on an entirely new carpet, adding some soft rugs under your furniture will do just fine.

Wall-mounted bike holders

If you're a cyclist or bike at least semi-frequently, then this is something that should catch your eye. It's not expensive to buy nor is it difficult to install. Once fitted, the holder adds just enough storage for all of your biking necessities as well as avoids the problem of a floor clutter.

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