Is terracotta bedding in for 2022? Bedding tendencies for this year

Is terracotta bedding in for 2022? Bedding tendencies for this year

Terracotta is having a moment right now. From shaggy floor rugs to pots and various decor elements, the earthy color and its derivatives are everywhere. So, it shouldn't surprise you that now it's coming to your bed, too. Amourlinen has been ahead of the curve and has become a trailblazer, using terracotta as an exclusive hue and tone for bed sheets, pillowcases, for a while now. But is it in for 2022 or should you wait before decorating your bedroom with terracotta bedding? Let's have some time to look at all bedding tendencies for this year!

Linen bedding is making a rampant comeback

And with that being said, it's doing it in a wide range of colors and tones. Besides the classic combination of sheer white, beige, or linen flat sheet items, all textiles made from linen are making their comeback to the top of the charts, regardless of color and hue. Thus, expect to find items not only in neutral tones, but also something more exciting like greens, blues, yellows, etc.

Linen will continue to make heads turn this year, especially in countries where you have lots of urban population as well as urban dwellers embracing traditional, rustic vibes for their interior.

Why is linen so popular? Mainly, because it has great properties for indoor living, including great moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic traits, and the lightness of aesthetics that are hard to match on your bed. Nevertheless, linen also comes with a sentimental value that can be hard to describe. It reminds our families and has an inner warmth that comes close to our hearts.

Terracotta bedding - at the top of the charts

Terracotta, a centuries-old shade is having its moment on the market. From floor rugs to decor elements and pots, this earthy color and its derivatives are everywhere. So, it shouldn't surprise you that now it's coming to the bedroom in the form of bedding.

Combine terracotta bedding with wooden decor elements and you might have a match made in heaven. This color is very smooth and subtle, yet radiates harmony and synergy between man and nature. Terracotta pillowcases are very in right now, but so is linen bedding, as we mentioned before. Hence, it seems like a no brainer to combine the two in order to gain the maximum benefits for the whole design of your bedroom and apartment or home.

Sage green - another color that is dominating the popularity game

This is also a factor that works well in conjunction with suggestions for what's the best type of bedding. Sage green is another color that seems to be getting more and more popular in recent years, so it might be very smart to jump the bandwagon now in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Sage green bedding like a sage green duvet or pillowcases add character and emotion to your bedroom. Green is a color that's natural and the more natural colors you have in your bedroom, the easier it would be for you to mix and match them with any other color, pattern or design of the bedroom. This way, you can have a spot to relax on while at the same time creating a unique style that shows off your personality - not to mention giving yourself a one-of-a-kind experience.

As a symbol and in the world of interior decor, sage green combines experience, calmness with peace, growth, and nature. This means that an environment with sage green bedding should always be a great place to rest.

Mattresses and bedding that's practical and good for your health

What about a firmer mattress? These would be a good choice for people who have back problems, or those simply looking to get more of a better night's sleep. A new mattress might just rejuvenate your bedroom and you along with it. If you do have back problems, keep in mind that you might benefit from a visit to a medical professional in order to get a recommendation on memory or orthopedic mattress.

More and more people consider these practical options. Everyone knows how important a good night's sleep is–and that's exactly what you'll get with this addition. Water beds aren't as popular anymore, with people beginning to value function over pure aesthetics or vain exclusivity. Look at your mattress and be honest whether it's the best item to sleep on. If it's not, then you should definitely consider switching things up to make your life better.

Bedding that's made from eco-friendly materials

Not just adults should be concerned with being green. It's also super important for kids as more and more of them are born with or develop allergies. If you're looking to improve your family's health, starting with the bedroom and their sleeping conditions is a great choice. Consider bedding made from eco-friendly materials or at least hypoallergenic options. It can help heal the planet while helping you get great sleep at night.

Linen is great for the bedroom because it wicks away moisture, so you sleep more comfortably during the summer. Since moisture won't stay in one place, there's almost no risk of mold, mildew and fungi appearing, keeping the bed a more sterile place to be.

Because it's breathable, it allows air to circulate from beneath and above it, preventing too much dust or dirt to accumulate, making any sleeping experience a much more enjoyable one.


So, as we've covered the bedding trends for 2022, we've found out that we can expect to see linen bedding much more often. The colors terracotta and sage green seem to be dominating the charts right now, providing amazing opportunities for mixing and matching interior designs. Also, consumers have begun to prioritize function and sustainability instead of vanity and just aesthetics.

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