Linen Fashion Trends for 2023: Must-Have Pieces and Styling Tips

Linen Fashion Trends for 2023: Must-Have Pieces and Styling Tips

Hello, Linen lovers! Time to get some new ideas for this summer heat. Today, I’m going to talk about our favourite fabric of all time again: linen. Yes, you heard me right. Linen is not just for your grandma’s curtains or your dad’s boring shirts. Linen is the ultimate summer staple that is chic, versatile, and sustainable. And guess what? Linen is having a major comeback in 2023, with some of the hottest designers and brands showcasing their linen creations on the runways and in the streets. So, if you want to be ahead of the curve and rock some linen looks this season, keep reading our tips on how to choose, style, and wear linen clothes like a pro.

Why Linen?

Before we dive into the trends, let’s talk about why linen is such a great fabric for summer (and beyond). Linen is made from the fibres of the flax plant, which makes it more eco-friendly and less resource intensive than other textiles. It’s also incredibly breathable and naturally temperature-regulating, meaning it will keep you cool in the heat and warm in the chill. Linen is also durable, easy to care for, and gets softer with every wash. Plus, linen has a unique texture and drape that gives it a casual yet elegant vibe that works for any occasion.

What to Look For

When shopping for linen clothes, there are a few things you should pay attention to:

  • Quality: High-quality linen can be expensive, but it’s worth the investment. Look for linen that is certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which ensures no hazardous substances are present. Also, check the details page for any linen clothes you’re considering. Some clothes are made using linen blended with other textiles, which could make the fabric less breathable or durable. We put our trust in European linen as it is heavily regulated.
  • Fit: Linen is a fabric that can be worn loose or fitted, depending on your preference and style. If you want a linen dress that is incredibly breezy and loose to your form, look for A-line skirts, sheath silhouettes, and relaxed fits. You can also size up if you’re looking for a dramatically oversized look—which, as Style Director Sara Holzman reports, is one of summer 2023’s top trends. If you want a more tailored or structured look, opt for linen clothes that have some stretch or are cut close to the body. You can also use belts, buttons, or ties to cinch in your waist or create some shape.
  • Color: Linen comes in a variety of colors, from classic neutrals like white, beige, and navy to vibrant hues like yellow, pink, and green. You can’t go wrong with any color of linen, as long as it suits your skin tone and personal style. However, if you want to be on-trend this season, look for pastel shades like lavender, mint, and peach that are fresh and feminine. Or go for earthy tones like olive, rust, and brown that are warm and cozy.

The Trends

Now that you know what to look for in linen clothes, let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends for 2023:

Yellow Linen Wrap Dress By Amourlinen

Linen Dresses:

Nothing says summer like a breezy linen dress that you can throw on and go. The best linen dresses of 2023 are simple yet stylish, with details like embroidery, lace, ruffles, or buttons that add some interest and flair. Whether you prefer a minimalist style or a floral maxi version, there’s a linen dress for everyone. Some of my favourites are:

Woman Wearing A Yellow Linen Dress In A Park
Woman Posing In A Pink Linen Wrap-Dress
  • The Linen Wrap Dress: This is a classic style that flatters any body type and can be dressed up or down with ease. You can also choose a wrap dress that has a slit or a ruffle hem for some extra movement and fun. Our collection has two that we think you'd love- have a look at OLIVIA and ROME.
Linen Apron Dress By Amourlinen
Linen Apron Dress Close up By AmourlInen
  • The Linen Apron Dress: This is a cute style that can be worn alone or layered over a tee or blouse for some contrast and coverage. Look for an apron dress that has straps or buttons that you can adjust for comfort and fit. You can also choose an apron dress that has pockets or ruffles for some extra functionality. AmourLinen has just the one that ticks all the boxes check out JADE.
Linen Slipdress by amourlinen
Linen Slipdress by amourlinen
  • The Linen Slip Dress: This is an appealing style that can be worn alone or layered over a tee or blouse, also. Look for a slip dress that has adjustable straps or a v-neckline for some customisation and support. We think you'd love our slip dress ZOE. You can also add some jewellery or a scarf to accessorise your slip dress.

Linen Pants:

If you’re looking for a comfortable and chic alternative to jeans or leggings, look no further than linen pants. The best linen pants of 2023 are wide-legged, cropped, or tapered, depending on your preference and height. You can also choose between solid colors or patterns like stripes, checks, or florals for some variety and personality. Some of my favourites are:

Linen Long Pants By Amourlinen
Super Long Linen Grey Pants
  • The Long Linen Pants: These are perfect for those who want a full-length option that is elegant and sophisticated. Look for long linen pants that have a high waist or a drawstring for some definition and comfort and we've got just the pair- Oulu super long linen pants. You can also pair them with a crop top or a tucked-in shirt for some balance and proportion.
Wide linen pants Culottes
Wide linen pants BY Amourlinen
  • The Linen Culottes: These are ideal for those who want a cropped option that is playful and modern. Look for linen culottes that have a wide leg or a flare for some movement and flair. Here's an option we think you'd love- wide linen pants ISABELLA by Amourlinen. You can also wear them with a fitted top or a blazer.
Pink Regular Linen Pants
Sage Green Linen Pants
  • The Linen Regular Pants: These are great for those who want a classic option that is cozy and cool. Look for linen regular pants that have a straight leg or a slim fit for some flexibility and fit. Check out our TOKYO and MALMO design. You can also style them with a tee or a sweater for some laid-back and effortless look.

Linen Tops:

If you’re looking for a way to refresh your tops collection, look no further than linen tops. The best linen tops of 2023 are simple yet stylish, with details like buttons, ties, or embroidery that add some interest and flair. Whether you prefer a sleeveless style or a long-sleeved version, there’s a linen top for everyone. Some of my favorites are:

Front Of Dusty Rose Pinafore Top
Back Of Dusty Rose Pinafore Top
  • The Linen Pinafore Top: This is a cute style that can be worn alone or layered over a teeshirt. You can also choose a pinafore top that has pockets or ruffles for some extra fun and functionality. You could even pick our best selling Pinafore top Ella.
Back Of Checkered Linen Crop Top With Buttons
Woman In Magenta Linen Crop Top
  • The Linen Crop Top: This is a trendy style that can be worn for any occasion. Look for a crop top that has buttons like our LISA design, ties, or knots for some structure and polish. You can also opt for a crop top that has a print or a color that suits your mood and personality. Check out Pippa for more color variations.
Woman Wearing A Sage Green Linen Tank Top By AmourLinen
Woman Wearing A White Color Linen Tank Top
  • The Linen Tank Top: This is a versatile style that can be worn as a base layer or as a standalone piece for the warmer days. Look for a linen tank top that has a scoop neck like our HILO model or a v-neck similar to our COLETTE design, for some customization and support. You can also add some jewelry or a jacket to accessorize your tank top.

The Styling Tips

Now that you know what the trends are, let’s talk about how to style them. Here are some of my tips on how to mix and match your linen clothes like a pro:

  • Play with proportions: One of the easiest ways to create an interesting and flattering outfit is to play with proportions. For example, you can pair a loose linen top with fitted linen pants, or vice versa. You can also layer different lengths of linen clothes, such as a long linen dress over short linen shorts, or a short linen jacket over long linen pants.
  • Mix and match colors: Another way to create an eye-catching and fun outfit is to mix and match colors. For example, you can pair pastel linen clothes with bright linen accessories, or earthy linen clothes with metallic linen shoes. You can also create contrast by wearing complementary colors, such as blue and orange, or purple and yellow.
  • Add some texture: One more way to create an appealing and unique outfit is to add some texture. For example, you can pair smooth linen clothes with rough linen bags, or soft linen clothes with crisp linen hats. You can also mix different types of fabrics, such as silk, cotton, or velvet with your linen clothes.

The Conclusion

So there you have it: our guide on how to rock the linen fashion trends of 2023 like a pro. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed writing it. Linen obviously is our favorite fabric of all time, and we’re so excited to see it make its comeback in 2023. Linen is chic, versatile, and sustainable, and it works for any occasion and style.

If you’re looking for some amazing European Linen Clothing to add to your wardrobe this season, look no further than AmourLinen, a Lithuanian handmade linen clothes and home textile store. We offer a wide range of linen clothes for women and men as well as linen bedding, towels, and accessories. 

All our products are made from high-quality linen that is certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and are designed with love and care. Whether you’re looking for a linen dress, a linen shirt, linen pants, or a linen top, we have something for you. 

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