Linen Christmas stocking

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Color: Cream


Choose our zero-waste linen Christmas stockings that are handcrafted from linen textile leftovers in order to minimise fabric waste. Bring Christmas spirit to your home with our lovely linen stockings. A variety of colors to choose from - definitely something perfect for everyone in the family! The stocking features a loop for practicality - this way you can easily hang it anywhere in your house, from the fireplace, to walls & doors!


OEKO-TEX 100 Standard certified 100% linen fabric (absent of harmful chemicals), cotton threads


1x linen Christmas stocking

Size chart

- The size is approximately 17cm x 43cm (7” x 17”)

- Available in 8 colors

Product care

-Wash linen in cold or warm water on a gentle cycle. 

-Best to dry naturally in a shady spot. 

-No ironing is required and we recommend not using a dryer. However, if it is a must, use a tumble dryer on a low setting (cannot be hot). 

-Do not dry clean as it weakens the fiber.


Stone washed for maximum softness

Exceeded expectations! Exactly what I was looking for. Packaged beautifully with paper not plastic! Thank you for saving the planet.

Angie and Janie

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